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It isn’t going to wash down the drains
and it cannot
will not
be paid off
in infinite installments
however prompt and correct…
it cannot be [...]

The Splice

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Like a salamander,
you itch at the buds,
where they push outward, deliberately.
The formation of long muscle
and perfectly formed fingers
takes a good [...]

I See A Djair!

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“Mom! I see a djair!” this is the call from the back seat, as we drive through a friend’s neighborhood. [...]

Ask the Fulton Street Farmer’s Market About Their Policies of Silence…

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Someone will call it my baby:
imply I owe it something
imply I wrapped some shining mantra up
around it’s body
the moment it [...]

Open Code

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Open Code:
so let me lace this open letter with mercy-
I will not deny the places I dwell
but I will not [...]

Icy Water Fierce Sky

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I can nearly unwrap it from my wrists, now,
this length of heavy, pure and archeological rope
reaching up from some well
crooked [...]

I Still Stand With Lady Floyd

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Issues of food justice, availability, environmental sustainability, land ownership, fair labor laws, and  price equality have been used historically and [...]

Neither Direct Nor Easy

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This morning, on Facebook, one of the attachment parenting sites I follow posted this article.
While I appreciate the concept [...]

What We Are When We Are Not Watching

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What is the currency of this phenomenon?
What is are they trading
in the marketplaces
inside this
Little round data?
spliced conversations?
manifestos written in tea [...]